Yang Xiang Lab Publications


This collection showcases the journal articles and other publications authored by researchers in the Yang Xiang Lab. The Yang Xiang Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School was established in 2012, in the Department of Neurobiology.


Publications from 2018


Microtubule Acetylation Is Required for Mechanosensation in Drosophila, Connie Yan, Fei Wang, Yang Xiang, Stephen L. Rogers, and Jay Z. Parrish

Publications from 2017


H2O2-Sensitive Isoforms of Drosophila melanogaster TRPA1 Act in Bitter-Sensing Gustatory Neurons to Promote Avoidance of UV During Egg-Laying, Ananya R. Guntur, Bin Gou, Pengyu Gu, Ruo He, Ulrich Stern, Yang Xiang, and Chung-Hui Yang

Publications from 2016


Dye-Sensitized Core/Active Shell Upconversion Nanoparticles for Optogenetics and Bioimaging Applications, Xiang Wu, Yuanwei Zhang, Kendra Takle, Osman Bilsel, Zhan Jun Li, Hyungseok Lee, Carlos Lois, Yang Xiang, and Gang Han

Publications from 2015


Drosophila TRPA1 isoforms detect UV light via photochemical production of H2O2, Ananya R. Guntur, Pengyu Gu, Kendra Takle, Jingyi Chen, Yang Xiang, and Chung-Hui Yang


Tachykinin acts upstream of autocrine Hedgehog signaling during nociceptive sensitization in Drosophila, Seol Hee Im, Kendra Takle, Juyeon Jo, Daniel T. Babcock, Zhiguo Ma, Yang Xiang, and Michael J. Galko

Publications from 2014


Trim9 regulates activity-dependent fine-scale topography in Drosophila, Limin Yang, Ruonan Li, Takuya Kaneko, Kendra Takle, Rei K. Morikawa, Laura Essex, Xin Wang, Jie Zhou, Kazuo Emoto, Yang Xiang, and Bing Ye