Breast cancer screening for primary care physicians

Mary E. Costanza, University of Massachusetts Medical School
H. L. Greene Jr.
Jane G. Zapka, University of Massachusetts Medical School
R. S. Barth
C. J. D'Orsi
M. D. Wertheimer

Document Type Article


Our 3 Step Primary Care Program is apparently successful. The first year program focused on 3 types of intervention:

1. Interventions to influence reinforcing factors (i.e. finding rapport among significant community leaders)

2. Interventions to alter predisposing factors (i.e. presenting informative material in a palatable memorable form)

3. Interventions to enable physicians to make change (through an innovative program of patient instructors and office practice changes).

Next year's program will include reinforcing and enabling strategies: a repeat patient instructor encounter in the doctor's office and a more intensive office practice intervention. Final evaluation of the success of our physician intervention awaits completion of the program and evaluation of the change in breast health counselling, in the practice of breast physical exam and in the number of routine screening mammograms performed in this community.