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eScholarship@UMMS is a digital repository and publishing system offering worldwide access to the research, scholarly work, and expertise of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) community. eScholarship@UMMS welcomes submissions from UMMS faculty, postdocs and staff, including posters, manuscripts, datasets, presentations, etc. UMMS students may submit theses, dissertations, published journal articles, and works that have been approved for inclusion by a faculty member. Non-UMMS researchers may find publication opportunities in our hosted journals and conferences. See the eScholarship@UMMS submission guidelines for more information.

Please follow the instructions for various types of research:

Research Data and Datasets

eScholarship@UMMS can provide public access and long-term storage for research data and datasets generated by the UMass Medical School (UMMS) research community. UMMS researchers who wish to archive and share their datasets may submit research data online directly, or contact for assistance with the submission process. Please first review our Data Deposit Policy.

Student Research

UMMS students may submit research online by following the link for the appropriate collection below. There are specific guidelines and "Submit" links in the left sidebar of each student collection.

Student research must be approved for inclusion by a UMMS faculty member related to the project. If you are unsure whether a publication is suitable for eScholarship@UMMS, consult before beginning the online submission process.

Faculty, Postdoc and Staff Research

UMMS faculty, postdocs and staff may submit manuscripts, posters, and presentations online directly using the link below or contact for assistance with the submission process. (To submit research data and datasets, please see Research Data and Datasets.) All submissions are reviewed for copyright compliance.You'll need to log in or create a free account. (It will be separate from your UMass network login.)

Submit Faculty, Postdoc and Staff Research Publications

NOTE: BayState Health researchers should submit publications to Scholarly Commons @ Baystate Health, managed by the Baystate Health Sciences Library.

UMMS librarians should use the customized links below under Librarian Research to submit their research.

Librarian Research

UMMS librarians may submit research online directly for these collections:

Hosted Journals and Conferences

Submit work for review by following the links and instructions on the hosted journal or site in eScholarship@UMMS.

Please direct questions and comments about eScholarship@UMMS to .