A series of repetitive DNA sequences are associated with human core and H1 histone genes

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Bacteriophage lambda; Chromosome Mapping; Cloning, Molecular; DNA; Genes; Globins; Histones; Humans; Plasmids; *Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid; Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid


Cell Biology


Repetitive DNA sequences, derived from the human beta-globin gene cluster, were mapped within a series of human genomic DNA segments containing core (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4) and H1 histone genes. Cloned recombinant lambda CH4A phage with human histone gene inserts were analyzed by Southern blot analysis using the following 32P-labeled (nick translated) repetitive sequences as probes: Alu I, Kpn I and LTR-like. A cloned DNA designated RS002-5'C6 containing (i) a (TG)16 simple repeat, (ii) an (ATTTT)n repeat and (iii) a 52 base pair alternating purine and pyrimidine sequence was also used as a radiolabelled hybridization probe. Analysis of 12 recombinant phage, containing 6 arrangements of core histone genes, indicated the presence of Alu I, Kpn and RS002-5'C6 repetitive sequences. In contrast, analysis of 4 human genomic DNA segments, containing both core and H1 histone genes, indicated the presence of only Alu I family sequences. LTR-like sequences were not detected in association with any of the core or H1 histone genes examined. These results suggest that human histone and beta-globin genes share certain aspects of sequence organization in flanking regions despite marked differences in their overall structure and pattern of expression.


Mol Cell Biochem. 1985 Jul;67(2):161-70.

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Molecular and cellular biochemistry

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