Nuclear antigens in the HeLa cell cycle

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Antigens; Antigens, Nuclear; Cell Cycle; Hela Cells; Humans; Interphase; Metaphase; Nucleoproteins


Cell Biology


Antisera to 0.35 M NaCl extracts and residues of S phase HeLa nuclei were reacted with electrophoretically separated proteins from the nuclei or nuclear material of HeLa cells synchronized in G1, S, G2 or M phases of the cell cycle. Quantitative evaluation of the peroxidase-antiperoxidase stained nitrocellulose transfers (Western blots) revealed significant changes in the quantities of nuclear non-histone proteins during the cell cycle. Immunochemical staining of electrophoretically separated nuclear antigens permits their selective detection in minute quantities and in the presence of many additional proteins.

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Citation: Mol Cell Biochem. 1985 Jul;67(2):101-10.

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