Schafer Lab Student Publications


This collection showcases the journal articles and other publications authored by students in the Schafer Lab. The Schafer Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School was established in 2015, in the Department of Neurobiology. Student authors are Jeffrey Frost (Neuroscience Program) and Philip Feinberg (MD/PhD).


Publications from 2017


A microglia-cytokine axis to modulate synaptic connectivity and function, Sebastian Werneburg, Philip A. Feinberg, Kasey M. Johnson, and Dorothy P. Schafer

Publications from 2016


Microglia: Architects of the Developing Nervous System, Jeffrey L. Frost and Dorothy P. Schafer

Publications from 2015


Shank1 regulates excitatory synaptic transmission in mouse hippocampal parvalbumin-expressing inhibitory interneurons, Wenjie Mao, Takuya Watanabe, Sukhee Cho, Jeffrey L. Frost, Tina Truong, Xiaohu Zhao, and Kensuke Futai