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Education, Medical, Undergraduate; Disabled Persons; Clinical Clerkship


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Medicine and Health Sciences


Purpose: Medical students enter preclinical years with varying levels of experience with individuals with disabilities. Previous experience has been shown to have a significant impact on attitudes toward this population and, hence, has the potential to impact patient care (Tervo et. al, 2002). This study examined the impact of a one-day Interclerkship on students’ self-reports regarding specific components of their attitudes, by level and type of previous disability experience.

Methodology: Students met with individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities and their families in small groups to discuss their health care needs and experiences. Students also viewed a short film regarding effective methods of communication with and modifications to the clinical encounter for individuals with physical disabilities. Afternoon workshops covered a wide array of topics including assistive technology, sexuality/childbirth, mental health, community resources and bladder management. Students reported levels of experience cognitive/physical: friends, relatives, schoolmates k-12 and college. 153 (77%) students over two years completed pre-and post-Interclerkship self-assessments that rated attitudes about medical care for patients with disabilities, using a 14-item 5-point Likert scale; means were compared by paired t-test. Students also provided course feedback.

Results: There was a highly significant (pConclusions: A single-day Interclerkship improved the attitudes of students’ reporting all levels and types of disability experience.

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