MR and fluorescence imaging of gadobutrol-induced optical clearing of red fluorescent protein signal in an in vivo cancer model

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Multimodality registration of optical and MR images in the same tissue volume in vivo may be enabled by MR contrast agents with an optical clearing (OC) effect. The goals of this study were to (a) investigate the effects of clinical MR contrast agent gadobutrol (GB) and its combinations as a potential OC agent assisting in fluorescence intensity (FI) imaging in vivo and (b) evaluate MRI as a tool for imaging of topical or systemic application of GB for the purpose of OC. Subcutaneous tumor xenografts expressing red fluorescent marker protein were used as disease models. MRI was performed at 1 T (1) H MRI using T1 -weighted 3D gradient-echo (T1w-3D GRE) sequences to measure time-dependent MR signal intensity changes by region of interest analysis after image segmentation. Topical application of 1.0 M or 0.7 M GB-containing OC mixture with water and dimethyl sulfoxide showed similar 30-40% increases of tumor FI during the initial 15 min. Afterwards, the OC effect of GB on FI and tumor/background FI ratio showed a decrease over time in the case of 1.0 M GB, unlike the 0.7 M GB mixture, which resulted in a steady increase of FI and tumor/background ratio for 15-60 min. The use of T1w-3D GRE MR pulse sequences showed that concentrated 1.0 M GB resulted in MR signal loss of the skin due to high magnetic susceptibility and that signal loss coincided with the OC effect. Intravenous injection of 0.3 mmol GB/kg resulted in a rapid but transient 40% increase of FI of the tumors. Overall, 1 T MRI enabled tracking of GB-containing OC compositions on the skin surface and tumor tissue, supporting the observation of a time-dependent FI increase in vivo.


gadobutrol, multimodality imaging, optical clearing

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Kazachkina NI, Zherdeva VV, Meerovich IG, Saydasheva AN, Solovyev ID, Tuchina DK, Savitsky AP, Tuchin VV, Bogdanov AA Jr. MR and fluorescence imaging of gadobutrol-induced optical clearing of red fluorescent protein signal in an in vivo cancer model. NMR Biomed. 2022 Feb 1:e4708. doi: 10.1002/nbm.4708. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35106848. Link to article on publisher's site

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NMR in biomedicine

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