Regularized Fully 5D Reconstruction of Cardiac Gated Dynamic SPECT Images

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Department of Radiology, Division of Nuclear Medicine

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In our recent work, we proposed an image reconstruction procedure aimed to unify gated imaging and dynamic imaging in nuclear cardiac imaging. With this procedure the goal is to obtain an image sequence from a single acquisition which shows simultaneously both cardiac motion and tracer distribution change over the course of imaging. In this work, we further develop and demonstrate this procedure for fully 5D (3D space plus time plus gate) reconstruction in gated, dynamic cardiac SPECT imaging, where the challenge is even greater without the use of multiple fast camera rotations. For 5D reconstruction, we develop and compare two iterative algorithms: one is based on the modified block sequential regularized EM (BSREM-II) algorithm, and the other is based on the one-step late (OSL) algorithm. In our experiments, we simulated gated cardiac imaging with the NURBS-based cardiac-torso (NCAT) phantom and Tc99m-Teboroxime as the imaging agent, where acquisition with the equivalent of only three full camera rotations was used during the course of a 12-minute postinjection period. We conducted a thorough evaluation of the reconstruction results using a number of quantitative measures. Our results demonstrate that the 5D reconstruction procedure can yield gated dynamic images which show quantitative information for both perfusion defect detection and cardiac motion.

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IEEE Trans Nucl Sci. 2010;57(6):1085-1095. Link to article on publisher's site

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IEEE transactions on nuclear science

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