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This chapter in the Radiology-Based USMLE Board Prepbook provides medical students with an efficient, interactive resource to enhance USMLE National Board Step1 and 2 preparation and mastery. The workbook also aids students in learning clinical interpretation of computed tomography (CT) images of the head and neck. The atlas portion is also published separately as an anatomical reference for students and clinical practitioners.

Contents: Three Dimensional: Skeletal System, Muscular System, Vascular System, Digestive and Respiratory Systems, Nervous System, Lymphatic. Two Dimensional: Frontal, Sagittal, Axial (All Structures), Axial (Lymphatic System). Images of Pathology: USMLE Style Questions.

Age of Subject: 17

Reviewed by: Richard Gacek, MD, David Goff, MD, Alan Stark, MD, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School; Ozan Toy, BA


University of Massachusetts Medical School


Worcester, MA


USMLE, radiology, anatomy, head, neck


Anatomy | Medical Education | Radiology

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Chapter 1. The Head & Neck



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