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Commerce; Computer Systems; Software; Internet


Biostatistics | Computer Engineering | Epidemiology | Health Services Research


For an e-business to be successful, companies need to formulate a business strategy, have informative strategic alliances, develop an international system, build a proactive infrastructure, internationalize their model, capture the residual value, exploit the international telecommunications liberalization, homogenize the data structure and globalize human resources. To achieve their objective, businesses need a more integrated automation system to speed up the process of establishing and conducting Internet-based services. In this paper, a component-based prototyping approach is used in developing a generic model and framework for a correlation center that provides entrepreneurs with a tool to quickly build and automate e-commerce linkages, thus enabling companies to establish their businesses over the Internet using a proven methodology.

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Sadasivam, R.S.; Tanik, U.J.; Tanik, M.M.; , "A test-bed for the Correlation Center of Digital Services," SoutheastCon, 2002. Proceedings IEEE , pp.381-386, 2002. doi: 10.1109/.2002.995624. Link to article on publisher's website

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