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Transplantation, Heterologous; Bioethics; Religion; Religion and Science


Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Psychiatry | Religion


The recent explosion of biotechnology has raised many ethical and religious questions among faith communities. Many of these faith communities are attempting to balance modern technology and historical religion. Using xenotransplantation as a case study, the transplantation of genetically engineered animal organs into human beings, this article follows three major religious traditions through the discernment process of how to deal faithfully with this new technology. In addition, the role of the biotechnology industry and the pressures that researchers face are also explored in the context of investigating how to effectively integrate science and religion into future bioethical discussions.

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Wachholtz, A. (2000). Bioethics of xenotransplantation: Three religious perspectives. Journal of Faith and Science Exchange, 4, 317-326. Link to article on publisher's site

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Journal of Faith and Science Exchange


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