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Child Psychiatry; Mental Disorders; Child; Mental Health Services; Parents; Patient Satisfaction; Massachusetts




Objective: To evaluate parents’ experience with Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP), a Consultation Liaison model, aimed at improving access to child psychiatry for primary care (consultations to primary care providers are done either by phone contact and/or by a direct evaluation of the child by a MCPAP clinician). Methods: IRB approved Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) sent to families referred to the MCPAP between 2/2008-8/2008, identified using the University of Massachusetts Medical Center (UMMHC) database. Results: 360 initial and 348 follow up PSQ were mailed, and 158 PSQ returned, defining a response rate of 46.2%. 78.9% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the services provided were offered in a timely manner. 74.9% of parents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that their child’s issues were understood. 50% agreed or strongly agreed that their child’s situation improved following their contact with the services. 74.2% agreed or strongly agreed that the quality of the service they received was satisfying. 69% agreed or strongly agreed that the service met their family’s need. 58.6% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the service helped them deal with their issues more effectively. 67.3% agreed or strongly agreed that they were better satisfied with the service compared to previous contact with mental health providers for their child. Conclusions: PSQ suggest high satisfaction rates with MCPAP. Notable are the high rates of parents reporting they felt prepared, heard and understood. Parents were also highly satisfied with the face to face contact they had with MCPAP clinician, when that contact had occurred. Parents reported being less satisfied with regards to follow up appointments in the community and reaching their goals for their child. The results show high parental satisfaction with MCPAP evaluation process, but also highlight the need for appropriate mental health follow up in the community in order to help children and families reach their goals. Presented at the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Annual Meeting, October 29, 2009.


Dvir Y, Wenz-Gross M, Jeffers-Terry M, Metz P. Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Project Parent Satisfaction Study. AACAP Annual Meeting, October 2009.

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2009 AACAP Annual Meeting

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