Assessing consumer satisfaction in the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership

Jonathan Delman, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Richard H. Beinecke, Suffolk University

At the time of publication, Jonathan Delman was not yet affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.


From 1999 to 2003, Consumer Quality Initiatives, Inc. (CQI) conducted peer interviews with 226 inpatient, 433 day treatment, and 822 outpatient clients of programs within the network of the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership. Ninety-two percent of day treatment, 93% of the outpatient clients, and 79% of inpatient clients rated their care as satisfactory. Clients' views of access, appropriateness of services, outcomes of services, what clients liked most, and recommendations are summarized. Predictors of satisfaction (e.g., being treated with respect and dignity) and outcomes are also shown.