The Dollars and Sense of Promoting Self Sufficiency of Persons with Disabilities

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Department of Psychiatry, Center for Mental Health Services Research; Center for Health Policy and Research



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Disabled Persons; Self Care; Family; Social Support; Home Care Services; Independent Living


Health Services Research | Mental and Social Health | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Psychiatry | Psychiatry and Psychology


Summary: This paper presents strong evidence that providing integrated in-home and family support services for people with disabilities is cost effective.

Citation: Ellison, M. L. & Ashbaugh, J. (1990). The dollars and sense of promoting self‑sufficiency of persons with disabilities through programs of independent living, in‑home and family supports. Cambridge, MA: Human Services Research Institute.


At the time of publication, Marsha Langer Ellison was not yet affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.