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Department of Psychiatry, Center for Mental Health Services Research; Center for Health Policy and Research

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Book Chapter


Veterans; Veterans Health; Mental Health Services; Case Management; Peer Group


Health Services Research | Mental and Social Health | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Psychiatry | Psychiatry and Psychology


Chapter Summary: This chapter is intended for those serving on MISSION-VET teams as Peer Support Specialists (PSS). It explains the unique role of the position. Following an overview of their role within the MISSIONVET treatment program, the chapter explains how the PSS works with the MISSION-VET Case Manager. It also highlights how the PSS serves as a role model and as a source of encouragement and support to Veterans receiving MISSION-VET services. Case examples are included to illustrate how PSSs facilitate discussions on topics of particular concern to Veterans receiving treatment services and how the PSS continues to meet with Veterans regularly once they have transitioned to the community. It also includes special considerations that are unique to the role of the PSS.


Rodrigues, S., Chinman, M., Hills, S., Ellison, M.L., McKay, C. ( 2011). Peer Support. In D. Smelson, L. Sawh, V. Kane, J. Kuhn, D. Zeidonis (Eds.) The MISSION-VET Treatment Manual. Veterans Health Administration, Bedford, MA, p. 56-69.

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The MISSION-VET Treatment Manual