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Young Adult; Adolescent; Adolescent Health Services; Child; Child Health Services; Mental Disorders; Mental Health Services


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Summary: This report summarizes changes between 2003 and 2007 in relationships among organizations that offer services to individuals in transition to adulthood, ages 14‐25, who have serious mental health conditions in Clark County, Washington. In 2002 Clark County received a Partnerships for Youth Transition grant from the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), Division of Service and Systems Improvement, Child, Adolescent and Family Branch. The purpose of these grants was to plan, design, and implement programs to support the transition to adulthood for youth with serious mental health conditions up to age 25 and their families. Services for these youths span child and adult mental health service systems, and many different systems (e.g., vocational rehabilitation, substance abuse, education). Understanding how this vast array of services and systems interacted and changed over the course of the grant helps to identify whether such grants can positively impact the kinds of interactions that facilitate the process of transition for young people maturing into adulthood. While each locale has its own particular set of services, policies, and organizing forces, it is hoped that the findings in this county provide insight into systems in other sites. The primary audience for this report includes policy makers, state and regional administrators, program designers, and others interested in improving the network of services and supports for transition age youth (TAY) from mental health and other systems that TAY are involved with during their transition to adulthood. Others who may be interested in these findings include youth, family members, youth allies, and service providers.


Koroloff, N., Davis, M., Johnsen, M., & Starrett, B., (2009). Under Construction: Linkages between Youth and Adult Systems. Rockville, MD: U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services.

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Under Construction: Linkages between Youth and Adult Systems