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Describes the Appealing Features of the Vocational Supports for Latino and Non-Latino Transition Aged Youth and Youth Adults (TAYYA) Consumers Study, which focuses on addressing employment disparities of young adults with a serious mental health condition (SMHC) by examining their lived experiences with established vocational support programs. The study pays particular attention to Latino TAYYA as they are a group at high risk for negative outcomes including high unemployment and low educational attainment compared to their white counterparts. They are also less likely to seek specialty mental health services and are the fastest growing racial ethnic group in the United States.

Originally published as: Research in the Works, Issue 3, 2011. Also issued as Transitions RTC Research Brief 2, Mar. 2011.

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Employment, Multicultural, Transition Age Youth



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Rosalie A. Torres Stone, Colleen E. McKay, Charles W. Lidz, William H. Fisher, Marsha Langer Ellison, and Lisa M. Smith