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Transitions ACR Comic

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This info-comic is for high school students to help them understand what an Individualized Educational Plan or IEP is, what transition planning is, and the importance of the student being involved in them.

This info-comic is based on work by the Translating Evidence to Support Transitions (TEST) team (NIDILRR Grant number 90DP0080). Find out more about this project on the project’s website.

Read the Teens on IEPs tip sheet.

Read the You Got This: Taking a Leadership Role in Your IEP Meeting tip sheet.

Artwork by Marina Gatesy-Davis

View the info-comic transcript.

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Education and Training, Transition Age Youth


high school students, Individualized Educational Plan, mental health conditions, emotional disturbance, special education, transition planning, young adults, IEPs, education, employment, transition age youth, mental health

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