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Brain Injury Clubhouses

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Psychiatry Issue Brief

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported that the number of people living with permanent disability from brain injury grows annually as medical technology has advanced in life saving techniques. However, community-based programs which enable brain injury survivors to live productive lives throughout the entire course of recovery have not grown proportionately to meet this the need. Brain Injury Clubhouses were developed to address the need for coordinated, long-term, community-based supports for brain survivors in a community-based setting. Brain Injury Clubhouses are designed to improve the lives of persons with ABI and reduce strain on caregivers and healthcare services

The information in this research brief is designed to provide funders, administrators, policy makers, and other stakeholders with an overview of Brain Injury Clubhouses. The brief also provides outcomes associated with participation in a Brain Injury Clubhouse from a recent research study to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of Brain Injury Clubhouses.

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Rehabilitation/Recovery, Traumatic Brain Injury


Clubhouse, Brain Injury Clubhouse, brain injury, TBI, traumatic brain injury, ABI, acquired brain injury, brain trauma, research, Mental health clubhouses, Fountain House

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