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This is a tough time for everyone. College students have been asked to leave campus and finish the semester remotely, which may not be something they are used to. While this is a hard adjustment for most college students, this change may be more difficult for young adult college students with mental health conditions. Since trying to finish the semester remotely can be a challenge, we’ve collected some tips that may be helpful. Many of these tips are adapted from our Supporting College Students with Mental Health Conditions in the Wake of COVID-19 here on our website. Michelle Mullen also held a webinar Are You a College Student with a Mental Health Condition? Managing the Wake of COVID: Strategies & Tools to Finish Your Semester that you can find here on our website.

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Education and Training, Transition Age Youth


COVID-19, college students, college, tips, remote learning, coronavirus, university, education, college students with mental health conditions, transition age youth, young adults, serious mental health conditions, Spanish

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