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A Spanish translation of this publication is available to download under "Additional Files."

This tip sheet will walk you through ten steps of developing a young adult mental health advisory council. Young adult advisory councils are groups of likeminded young adults who come together on a consistent basis to share resources and advise organizations on how to better serve and support young people. By incorporating young adult expertise into the design and delivery of mental health services, these councils provide direct feedback on how to improve services and make them more relevant to young adult culture. These steps are based on the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research’s (ACR's) own experience with creating a Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

Part 2 of this tip sheet is available at https://escholarship.umassmed.edu/pib/vol15/iss6/1.

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Community Based Participatory Research, Transition Age Youth


transition age youth, young adult advisory councils, mental health, young adults, mental health organizations, Spanish

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