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Childhood trauma is well established as a major public health issue: statistics show that each year in the United States, upwards of one million youth experience violence, trauma and maltreatment and that by age 16 more than 67.8% of children witness or are victims of some type of violence. Almost half of children with a history of trauma do not receive any services because of the wait time and lack of properly trained providers. In this brief researchers from the Child Trauma Training Center (CTTC) show how the training of professionals is a swift and efficient way to impact large numbers of children with trauma histories and ultimately to improve their lives, health, and well-being.

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Children, Education and Training, Trauma


CTTC, Child Trauma Training Center (CTTC), Child Professionals, childhood trauma, Trauma Informed Care, TIC, Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, TF-CBT, front-line providers, police officers, mental health clinicians, child mental health

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Zlatina Kostova, Jessica L. Griffin, and Genevieve Kane-Howse