Volume 15

Issue 1
January 2018
Adapting and Testing the Feasibility of a Prenatal Intervention for Low-Income Parents

Issue 2
February 2018
Testing Whether Multisystemic Therapy for Emerging Adults Can Reduce Their Justice System Involvement

Issue 3
April 2018
Preventing Prison Rape: Designing and Validating a PREA Screening Tool for Pre-trial Juvenile Detention Centers

Issue 4
May 2018
Detecting and Intervening on Suicidality in Emergency Departments: The ED-SAFE Study

Issue 5
September 2018
10 Steps to Starting a Young Adult Advisory Council: Tips and Tricks to Starting a Young Adult Council Part 1

Issue 6
September 2018
The Do’s and Don’ts of Young Adult Councils: Tips and Tricks to Starting a Young Adult Council Part 2

Issue 7
September 2018
WIOA: New Law Helps Youth & Young Adults Get Jobs – What Families Need to Know

Issue 8
October 2018
Partnering with Families & Other Natural Supports on Individualized Service Plans (ISPs)

Issue 9
October 2018
What Were You Thinking? Brain Development in Young Adults

Issue 10
October 2018
Supporting Employment for Young Adults Living with Mental Health Conditions

Issue 11
October 2018
Supporting the Educational Goals of Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions

Issue 12
October 2018
Strategies for Engaging Young Adults

Issue 13
December 2018
Evaluation and Impact of Trauma Informed Training on Child Professionals: UMMS Child Trauma Training Center (CTTC)

Issue 14
June 2018
Annotated Bibliography: State-of-the-Science Conference Proceedings