Psychiatry Issue Briefs


Evaluation and Impact of Trauma Informed Training on Child Professionals: UMMS Child Trauma Training Center (CTTC)
Zlatina Kostova, Jessica L. Griffin, and Genevieve Kane-Howse

Subject Area: Children, Education and Training, Trauma


Brain Injury Resources [English and Spanish versions]
Colleen E. McKay and Meghan E. Heffernan

Subject Area: Traumatic Brain Injury, Veterans


Traumatized Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Kenneth E. Fletcher

Subject Area: Trauma

Research in the Works


The University of Massachusetts Medical School Child Trauma Training Center (UMMS-CTTC) [English and Spanish versions]
Jessica L. Griffin, Melodie Wenz-Gross, Toni M. Irsfeld, Heather Forkey, Thomas Grisso, and Laurel Post

Subject Area: Children, Family, Trauma