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For Families or Caregivers: Self-Care is Putting on YOUR Oxygen Mask First
Transitions ACR

Subject Area: Family, Parenting, Transition Age Youth, Wellness


How to Talk about Mental Health: Addressing Misunderstandings about Mental Health in the Media
Laura Golden, Joel Danforth, and Massachusetts Statewide Youth Advisory Council

Subject Area: Transition Age Youth


TACR Shorts: College Accommodations Comic
Anwyn Gatesy-Davis, Marina Gatesy-Davis, and Transitions ACR

Subject Area: Education and Training, Transition Age Youth


Evidence Based Practices in Mental Health: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Research Considerations [English and Spanish versions]
Colleen E. McKay

Subject Area: Education and Training, Policy, Rehabilitation/Recovery, Service Systems


What Were You Thinking? Brain Development in Young Adults
Raphael Mizrahi

Subject Area: Neuroscience, Transition Age Youth


Supporting Employment for Young Adults Living with Mental Health Conditions
Marsha Langer Ellison and Michelle G. Mullen

Subject Area: Employment, Transition Age Youth


Disparities in Vocational Supports for Black Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions
Jonathan Delman

Subject Area: Employment, Health Disparities, Rehabilitation/Recovery, Service Systems, Transition Age Youth


Lifeline4Moms Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit
Nancy Byatt, Leena P. Mittal, Linda Brenckle, Deirdre G. Logan, Grace A. Masters, Aaron Bergman, and Tiffany A. Moore Simas

Subject Area: Access to Care, Mental Health and Primary Care

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