Psychiatry Issue Briefs


Navigating the Complexity of Using Research in Policy and Practice Decisions [English and Spanish versions]
Susan Maciolek, Kathleen Biebel, Laurel Leslie, Gifty Debordes-Jackson, and Joanne Nicholson

Subject Area: Policy, Service Systems


Intermediaries Promote the Use of Research Evidence in Children's Behavioral Health Systems Change [English and Spanish versions]
Kathleen Biebel, Susan Maciolek, Joanne Nicholson, Gifty Debordes-Jackson, and Laurel Leslie

Subject Area: Children, Policy, Service Systems


Mental Illness, Advocacy & Recovery: Ready or Not? [English and Spanish versions]
Jeffrey L. Geller

Subject Area: Legal Issues, Policy, Rehabilitation/Recovery


Evidence Based Practices in Mental Health: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Research Considerations [English and Spanish versions]
Colleen E. McKay

Subject Area: Education and Training, Policy, Rehabilitation/Recovery, Service Systems

Research in the Works


Central IRBs: Enhanced Protections for Research Participants [English and Spanish versions]
Ekaterina Pivovarova and Charles W. Lidz

Subject Area: Ethics, Policy, Service Systems

Research You Can Use

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