Health Disparities

Psychiatry Issue Briefs


New Measure to Screen Deaf Women for Perinatal Depression
Melissa L. Anderson, Kelly S. Wolf Craig, Sheri Hostovsky, Maureen Bligh, Emily Bramande, Kristin Walker, Kathleen Biebel, and Nancy Byatt

Subject Area: Community Based Participatory Research, Depression, Health Disparities, Multicultural


Getting Acquainted with Stigma: A Brief Introduction [English and Spanish versions]
Stephanie Rodrigues

Subject Area: Health Disparities, Mental Health and Primary Care

Research in the Works


Adapting and Testing the Feasibility of a Prenatal Intervention for Low-Income Parents [English and Spanish versions]
Nancy Byatt and Maureen Perry_Jenkins

Subject Area: Depression, Family, Health Disparities, Parenting


Deaf ACCESS: Adapting Consent through Community Engagement and State-of-the-Art Simulation [English and Spanish versions]
Melissa L. Anderson, Timothy Riker, Kurt Gagne, Stephanie Hakulin, Jonah Meehan, Elizabeth Stout, Todd Higgins, Emma Pici-D’Ottavio, Kelsey Cappetta, and Anne Prusky

Subject Area: Access to Care, Community Based Participatory Research, Education and Training, Health Disparities, Multicultural


eMental Health Bridges Project: A Web Site Development Project to Provide Needed Mental and Physical Health Information to People with Serious Mental Illness [English and Spanish versions]
Elaine R. Martin, Joanne Nicholson, Kathleen Biebel, Len L. Levin, Zlatina Kostova, and Scott Ahrens

Subject Area: Education and Training, Health Disparities, Mental Health and Primary Care

Tip Sheet

Transitions ACR


Disparities in Vocational Supports for Black Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions
Jonathan Delman

Subject Area: Employment, Health Disparities, Rehabilitation/Recovery, Service Systems, Transition Age Youth