The U2AF35-related protein Urp contacts the 3' splice site to promote U12-type intron splicing and the second step of U2-type intron splicing

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Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Hela Cells; Humans; Immunoblotting; Introns; Molecular Sequence Data; Nuclear Proteins; Phylogeny; RNA Interference; RNA Splice Sites; *RNA Splicing; RNA, Small Nuclear; Ribonucleoproteins; Spliceosomes


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The U2AF35-related protein Urp has been implicated previously in splicing of the major class of U2-type introns. Here we show that Urp is also required for splicing of the minor class of U12-type introns. Urp is recruited in an ATP-dependent fashion to the U12-type intron 3' splice site, where it promotes formation of spliceosomal complexes. Remarkably, Urp also contacts the 3' splice site of a U2-type intron, but in this case is specifically required for the second step of splicing. Thus, through recognition of a common splicing element, Urp facilitates distinct steps of U2- and U12-type intron splicing.

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Citation: Genes Dev. 2010 Nov 1;24(21):2389-94. Link to article on publisher's site

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