Impaired generation of hepatitis B virus-specific memory B cells in HIV infected individuals following vaccination

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Adolescent; B-Lymphocytes; Cell Proliferation; Female; HIV Infections; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis B Antibodies; Hepatitis B Surface Antigens; Hepatitis B Vaccines; Humans; Immunologic Memory; Longitudinal Studies; Male; Young Adult


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Hepatitis B-specific memory B cell (HSMBC) frequencies were measured following hepatitis B vaccination in 15 HIV uninfected and 12 HIV infected adolescents. HSMBC were detected at significantly lower frequencies in HIV infected than in HIV uninfected individuals. The detection of HBsAb >10mIU/ml at study week 28 was strongly associated with the detection of HSMBC and a direct correlation between HBsAb titers and HSMBC frequencies was observed. In HIV uninfected individuals, antibody titers >1000mIU/ml were associated with higher HSMC frequencies. Lower HSMBC frequencies, reduced memory B cell (MBC) proliferation, and altered B cell phenotypes were measured in viremic HIV infected individuals compared with aviremic HIV infected or HIV uninfected individuals.

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Citation: Vaccine. 2010 May 7;28(21):3672-8. Epub 2010 Mar 28. Link to article on publisher's site

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