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Importance: The physiologic changes in lipids during puberty in type 1 diabetes (T1D) is unclear as subjects in previous studies were not stratified by partial clinical remission (PCR) status.

Aim: To determine the effect of PCR on lipid changes during puberty in youth with T1D.

Subjects and Methods: A retrospective cross-sectional study of 194 subjects consisting of 71 controls of age 12.9±1.3y and 123 subjects with T1D stratified into remitters (n=44, age 13.0±0.8y) and non-remitters (n=79, age 11.2±0.6y). PCR was defined as insulin-dose adjusted HbA1c of ≤9. Pubertal status was determined by Tanner staging.

Results: Among the pubertal cohort, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration was significantly higher in the non-remitters compared to the remitters, 91.1±25.6mg/dL vs 77.2±25.8mg/dL, p=0.018; and the normal-weight controls, 91.1±25.6mg/dL vs 70.4±22.9 mg/dL, p=0.009; but was similar between the overweight/obese controls and non-remitters, 89.7±28.9mg/dL vs 91.1± 25.6mg/dL, p=0.81, and similarly between the normal-weight controls and remitters, 70.4±22.9mg/dL vs 77.2±25.8mg/dL, p=0.39. Total cholesterol was also significantly higher in the non-remitters compared to the remitters, 167.8±30.5 mg/dL vs 149.8±32.1mg/dL, p=0.012; and normal-weight controls, 167.8±30.5mg/dL vs 143.2±30.1mg/dL, p=0.011; but similar between the non-remitters and overweight/obese controls, p=0.098; and remitters and normal-weight controls, p=0.51. Non-HDL cholesterol was equally significantly higher in non-remitters compared to remitters, 111.3±30.1mg/dL vs 95.9±29.1mg/dL, p=0.028; and normal-weight controls, 111.3±30.1mg/dL vs 86.2± 32.2mg/dL, p=0.028; but similar between non-remitters and overweight/obese controls, p=0.48; and remitters versus normal-weight controls, p=0.39.

Conclusions: Puberty-related reductions in LDL, TC, and non-HDL occur in remitters and normal-weight controls, but not in non-remitters and overweight/obese controls.


type 1 diabetes, children, partial clinical remission, honeymoon phase, cardiovascular disease risk, dyslipidemia

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