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Given the high prevalence of children living with a parent who has a mental health condition, prevention and early intervention strategies have attracted much attention over the past decade. Given the role teachers and educators play in children’s academic and social development, the school context has gained much attention in mental health promotion research. There is a growing evidence of the effectiveness of school-based mental health programs to facilitate strategies that address some of the challenges associated with stigma and prejudice.


children affected by a parent who has a mental illness, school-based mental health promotion, mental health literacy, intervention and prevention


The SKIPS program was originally developed by EACH Ltd and Eastern Health in 2000 as a mental health promotion program for children of parents with mental illness. Vicki Cowling OAM (Medal Of Order Australia), Mental Health Social Worker and registered Psychologist, Rose Cuff, Victorian State wide FaPMI (Families of Parents with Mental Illness) coordinator and Peter Ruzyla EACH CEO initiated the SKIPS project. The SKIPS program was developed by Becca Allchin, Julie Malmborg, Andrew Joyce and Leigh Candy. We would like to acknowledge Liz Wrigley, SKIPS program coordinator, EACH, for her longstanding dedication and contribution to running the SKIPS program in schools across Australia.

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Dr Stella Laletas, Monash University, Faculty of Education, Melbourne, Australia; stella.laletas@monash.edu

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