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Animals; Cell Differentiation; Dogs; Humans; *Models, Biological; Molar; Tooth Eruption


Anatomy | Cell Biology


Tooth eruption is a localized process in the jaws which exhibits precise timing and bilateral symmetry. It involves resorption and formation of bone on opposite sides of the erupting tooth and these activities depend on the dental follicle, a thin connective tissue investment of the developing and erupting tooth. Biochemical studies have shown that during eruption cells, proteins and enzymes change in the dental follicle and several growth factors and proteins known to accelerate or retard eruption have been identified. This review discusses these aspects of tooth eruption and proposes testable hypotheses and strategies that can make studies of tooth eruption new experimental opportunities for developmental biologists.


Int J Dev Biol. 1995 Feb;39(1):223-30.

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The International journal of developmental biology

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