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The carcass weight of Chinese Shanxi Black Pigs is relatively lower in comparison with that of the counterparts, i.e., Large White Pigs, although the former are resistant to harsh conditions. Since gut microflora has been recognized to play a key role in pork production, it is of interest to explore the microbial communities in different intestinal segments of pigs and its potential relatedness with host features. In this study, 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing, accompanied by the inter- and intra-group comparisons, was implemented to investigate the structure composition and potential functions of microbial communities of four distinct intestinal segments [duodenum (D), jejunum (J), ileum (I), and cecum (C)] between adult Chinese Shanxi Black Pigs and Large White Pigs. Comparative survey revealed that the dominant phylum in both breeds was Firmicutes, followed by Proteobacteria, and Bacteroidetes. At the genus level, Lactobacillus was predominant in all samples, and Prevotella was specifically prevalent in the cecum. Further inspection showed the differences of dominant species in the same segments between these two groups. Notably, unique taxa in C and D segments were more than that in I and J segments. Additionally, each segment was characterized by specifically enriched genera, and distinctive pathways were predicted in certain intestinal segments. In short, the findings presented a coherent picture of structure composition and predicted functionalities of gut microbiota in diverse intestinal segments of adult Chinese Shanxi Black Pigs and Large White Pigs, and extend the understanding of potential link between intestinal microbiota and their hosts.


Pig breeds, Intestinal segments, Gut microbiota, 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing, Structure composition

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Gao, P., Guo, Y., Zhang, N. et al. Characterization and comparisons of microbiota in different intestinal segments between adult Chinese Shanxi Black Pigs and Large White Pigs. Ann Microbiol 69, 447–456 (2019). View article on publisher's website

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