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MicroRNAs modulate a variety of cellular events, including skeletal muscle development, but the molecular basis of their functions in fetal bovine skeletal muscle development is poorly understood. In this study, we report that bta-miR-24-3p promotes the myogenic differentiation of fetal bovine PDGFRalpha(-) progenitor cells. The expression of bta-miR-24-3p increased during myogenic differentiation. Overexpression of bta-miR-24-3p significantly promoted myogenic differentiation, but inhibited proliferation. A dual-luciferase assay identified ACVR1B as a direct target of bta-miR-24-3p. Similarly, knocking down ACVR1B by RNA interference also significantly inhibited proliferation and promoted the differentiation of bovine PDGFRalpha(-) progenitor cells. Thus, our study provides a mechanism in which bta-miR-24-3p regulates myogenesis by inhibiting ACVR1B expression.


bta-miR-24-3p, bovine, fetal skeletal muscle, proliferation, differentiation, ACVR1B

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