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Bacterial Infections and Mycoses | Cardiology | Cardiovascular Diseases


Myocardial deformation imaging (strain imaging) is a technique to directly quantify the extent of myocardial contractility and overcomes several of the limitations of ejection fraction. The application of the most commonly used strain imaging method; speckle-tracking echocardiography to patients with sepsis cardiomyopathy heralds an exciting development to the field. However; the body of evidence and knowledge on the utility, feasibility and prognostic value of left ventricular global longitudinal strain in sepsis cardiomyopathy is still evolving. We conducted a review of literature on utility of left ventricular global longitudinal strain in sepsis cardiomyopathy. We discuss the role of left ventricular global longitudinal strain in mortality prediction, utility and limitations of the technique in the context of sepsis cardiomyopathy.


global longitudinal strain, left ventricular function, sepsis cardiomyopathy

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