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Animals; Cell Nucleus; Chromatin; Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic; Genome; Humans; Neoplasms; Nuclear Matrix; Structure-Activity Relationship; Transcription, Genetic


Cell Biology | Genetics | Oncology


There is long-standing recognition that transformed and tumor cells exhibit striking alterations in nuclear morphology as well as in the representation and intranuclear distribution of nucleic acids and regulatory factors. Parameters of nuclear structure support cell growth and phenotypic properties of cells by facilitating the organization of genes, replication and transcription sites, chromatin remodeling complexes, transcripts, and regulatory factors in structurally and functionally definable subnuclear domains within the three-dimensional context of nuclear architecture. The emerging evidence for functional interrelationships of nuclear structure and gene expression is consistent with linkage of tumor-related modifications in nuclear organization to compromised gene regulation during the onset and progression of cancer.


Cancer Res. 2000 Apr 15;60(8):2067-76.

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Cancer research

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