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AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: Pancreatic lymph nodes (PLNs) are critical sites for the initial interaction between islet autoantigens and autoreactive lymphocytes, but the histology of PLNs in tissue from individuals with type 1 diabetes has not been analysed in detail. The aim of this study was to examine PLN tissue sections from healthy donors compared with those at risk of, or with recent-onset and longer-duration type 1 diabetes.

METHODS: Immunofluorescence staining was used to examine PLN sections from the following donor groups: non-diabetic (n=15), non-diabetic islet autoantibody-positive (n=5), recent-onset ( < /=1.5 years duration) type 1 diabetes (n=13), and longer-duration type 1 diabetes (n=15). Staining for CD3, CD20 and Ki67 was used to detect primary and secondary (germinal centre-containing) follicles and CD21 and CD35 to detect follicular dendritic cell networks.

RESULTS: The frequency of secondary follicles was lower in the recent-onset type 1 diabetes group compared with the non-diabetic control group. The presence of insulitis (as evidence of ongoing beta cell destruction) and diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at a younger age, however, did not appear to be associated with a lower frequency of secondary follicles. A higher proportion of primary B cell follicles were observed to lack follicular dendritic cell networks in the recent-onset type 1 diabetes group.

CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: Histological analysis of rare PLNs from individuals with type 1 diabetes suggests a previously unrecognised phenotype comprising decreased primary B cell follicle frequency and fewer follicular dendritic cell networks in recent-onset type 1 diabetes.


Histology, Islet autoimmunity, Pancreatic lymph nodes, Type 1 diabetes

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