Estrogen dynamics in the female rhesus monkey

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Animals; Estradiol; Estrone; Female; Macaca mulatta; Menstrual Cycle; Metabolic Clearance Rate


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The metabolic clearance rates (MCR) and interconversions [( rho]BB) values for estrone (E1) and estradiol (E2) in female rhesus (Macaca mulatta) monkeys on Days 9, 14, and 23 of the menstrual cycle were measured using constant infusions of [3H] estradiol and [14C] estrone. The menstrual cycles in these monkeys were reproduced by using Silastic capsules of E2 and progesterone after bilateral ovariectomy. The serum levels of E2 and progesterone were measured by radioimmunoassay and were similar to those for the intact menstrual cycle. The MCR of E2 on Day 14 (52.8 +/- 6.8 l/day/kg) was significantly greater (p less than 0.05) than that measured on Day 9 (31.1 +/- 3.6 l/day/kg) or Day 23 (35.4 +/- 2.1 l/day/kg). The MCR of E1 was also different (p less than 0.05) on Day 14 (77.6 +/- 14.9 l/day/kg) compared to the values on Days 9 and 23 (50.2 +/- 4.9 and 48.2 +/- 3.9 l/day/kg, respectively. There was no change in percentage of free E2, percentage of albumin-bound E2, or sex hormone-binding globulin levels on those 3 days of the cycle. The interconversions between E2 and E1 were not influenced by the day of the cycle. We conclude that the high levels of E2 occurring at the time of the E2 peak result in increases in the MCRs of both E2 and E1 that are not associated with changes in the pattern of protein-binding or in the activity of the 17 beta-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase.


Biol Reprod. 1988 Oct;39(3):561-5.

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Biology of reproduction

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