This collection showcases journal articles and other publications and presentations written by faculty and researchers of the Department of Neurology.


Publications from 1972


Book review: Psychophysiology of Learning and Memory, David A. Drachman

Postherpetic neuralgia. Consultant answer: Questions and answers, David A. Drachman

An approach to the dizzy patient, David A. Drachman and Cecil W. Hart

Memory impairment in the aged: storage versus retrieval deficit, David A. Drachman and Janet Leavitt

Publications from 1971

Book review: Human Memory and Its Pathology, David A. Drachman

Book review: Medical neurology, David A. Drachman

Book review: Migraine: Mechanisms and Management, David A. Drachman

Memory and the hippocampal complexes. 3. Aging and temporal EEG abnormalities, David A. Drachman and John R. Hughes

Publications from 1970

Book review: Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Vol. 5. Headaches and Cranial Neuralgias, David A. Drachman

Immunosuppression and the Guillain-Barre syndrome, David A. Drachman, P. Y. Paterson, Byron S. Berlin, and Jadwiga Roguska

Publications from 1969

Bladder smooth muscle excitability and response properties, James G. Bucy and David A. Drachman

Bell's palsy. A neurological point of view, David A. Drachman

Book review: The Dizzy Patient, David A. Drachman

Experimental denervation of ocular muscles. A critique of the concept of "ocular myopathy", David A. Drachman, Nicholas Wetzel, Michael Wasserman, and Hiro Naito

Publications from 1968

Ophthalmoplegia plus. The neurodegenerative disorders associated with progressive external ophthalmoplegia, David A. Drachman

Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia, David A. Drachman

Publications from 1967

Book review: Aspects of Learning and Memory, David A. Drachman

Disorders of tone, David A. Drachman

Pain of neurologic interest, David A. Drachman

The senile patient, David A. Drachman

The "memory cliff" beyond span in immediate recall, David A. Drachman and Misha S. Zaks

Publications from 1966

See-saw nystagmus, David A. Drachman

Memory and the hippocampal complex. II. Is memory a multiple process, David A. Drachman and Jack Arbit

Publications from 1965

Procainamide---a hazard in myasthenia gravis, David A. Drachman and Joseph H. Skom

The remote myopathy of trichinosis, David A. Drachman and Ture O. Tuncbay

Publications from 1963

Neurological Complications of Wegener's Granulomatosis, David A. Drachman

Medulloblastoma with extracranial metastases, David A. Drachman, Thorne S. Winter, and Myron Karon

Publications from 1962

Herpes simplex and acute inclusion-body encephalitis, David A. Drachman and Raymond D. Adams

Late-life myopathy occurring with Sjogren's syndrome, Donald H. Silberberg and David A. Drachman

Publications from 1961

Aqueductal Narrowing, Congenital and Acquired: A Critical Review of the Histologic Criteria, David A. Drachman and Edward P. Richardson