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The Hospital Library Subcommittee of the NN/LM NER Regional Advisory Council wanted to determine ways it could advocate for libraries in the region and then to provide products that could be used by other libraries throughout the region. The Hospital Library Promotional Toolkit is designed to aid hospital librarians in promoting their services to hospital administrators and the various communities within their organization. The tools considered for this kit meet three objectives: (1) to assist hospital librarians in their performance and reporting of services to management; (2) to help hospital libraries focus on promotion and marketing to meet specific educational needs of their institution; and, (3) to advance the growth and development of the professional hospital librarian.

Table of contents:

  • Sample Mission Statements: Draft your library’s Mission Statement from the sample drafts; samples are categorized by hospital type
  • Sample Goals and Objectives: Draft your library’s goals and objectives from either the short-term (one-year) or long term. Always try to correlate the library’s goals and objectives with those of the institution
  • Tips for Preparing an Annual Report: Use these tips for writing an annual report, demonstrating the value of the library program to hospital administration
  • Sample Annual Report: Draft an annual report of the library function for hospital administration by making use of this sample
  • Research/Literature Search Request Form: Capture the necessary information to perform literature searches and responses to reference questions. Completed form also provides librarian with record of resources used
  • Foot Traffic, Door Count, Library Activities Form: Use these forms to count foot traffic, computer activity, and other types of library tasks
  • Library Statistics and How to Report Library Activities: Use these forms (weekly and monthly) to capture a representative picture of the library's activities; and to report them to senior hospital administrators
  • List of Suggestions for Expanding Use of Library Services: Refer to this list for suggestions to expand the use of library services
  • Library Scope of Service Checklist: Use this checklist as a framework to create a Scope of Service for a hospital library. A “Scope of Service” is a document that concisely describes “who you serve” and “how you serve them”. Hospital administrators may require a Scope of Service for their departments to assist with surveys conducted by The Commission (formerly JCAHO)
  • Selected Bibliography on Promoting Hospital Librarianship: Refer to this selected bibliography for articles and books to help you promote the library, offering suggestions for new services, as well as fulfilling your mission statement, goals and objectives


hospital libraries, advocacy, promotion, toolkits

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See Additional Files for supplemental documents to the toolkit: Library Value Calculator spreadsheet, and Sample Library Statistics Template spreadsheet. Members of the Medical Library Association can also access the MLA Advocacy Toolbox.

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