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Join the NNLM NER for a special webinar that explores the many facets of substance use disorder in teens through a candid interview about Substance Use Disorder with a Worcester, Massachusetts Recovery High School student, her father, and her grandmother. Three generations of this family have been affected by addiction. Hear in their own words as they share their family’s story of addiction. Worcester Recovery High School Clinician Alyssa Richard-Figueroa, Principal Mary Ellen McGorry and UMass Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Margret Chang share their expertise and commentary as we learn from this family about how early exposure to addictive substances, genetic predisposition, trauma, peer pressure, and mental health contribute to the complicated disease of substance use disorder.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the resources for Substance Use Disorder NLM and partner organizations offer such as MedlinePlus, Drug Information Portal and Pillbox.
  • Learn what a Recovery High School is.
  • Identify the root causes of addiction.
  • Explain the roles of genetic predisposition and choice in the disease of addiction
  • Understand how public schools can be where teens first obtain addictive substances and develop a substance use disorder.
  • Formulate a plan to address peer pressure and addictive substance use. Learn how to provide support and resources to students using addictive substances in public school settings.
  • Recognize how to be more effective in the prevention and treatment of addiction as a parent, healthcare provider, librarian, educator, first responder and law enforcement professional when engaging with someone with a substance use disorder.


Substance Use Disorder, Recovery High School, Teens and Substance Use Disorder, high school and subtance use disorder, heredity and substance use disorder, family disease, addiction, addiction prevention, recovery, teen addiction, heredity and addiction

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