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Fred Muench the President of the national organization, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and Center on Addiction, will present on family-based interventions to engage parents and caregivers, as well as data on the resources the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids offers for families addressing every aspect of substance use and addiction, from prevention to recovery. Learn about the support and guidance offered through the latest science-based information designed to empower parents and caregivers. Fred will also discuss how the merger with the Center on Addiction now provides the research necessary to advance effective prevention and treatment strategies advocating for lifesaving policy changes with state and local partners. Through these initiatives the Partnership and Center on Addiction aspire to change the national conversation around addiction so that no one will feel alone or ashamed to seek help, and everyone can have access to the care they need and deserve.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the resources for Substance Use Disorder NLM and partner organizations offer such as MedlinePlus, Drug Information Portal and Pillbox.
  • Learn the latest research on parenting and caregiver interventions for substance use prevention and intervention.
  • Learn about how the Partnership is infusing, best-in-class science with compassion from prevention to sustained recovery, to support families caring for a child or loved one struggling with substance use.
  • Learn about the work the Partnership is doing with health care systems to provide effective addiction treatment, research and practices that work, and promote accessibility and affordability of care for everyone.


substance use disorder, addiction, recovery, addiction prevention, family engagement resources for addiction, vaping, vaping prevention, Center on Addiction, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

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