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Family Focused Addiction Support Training (FFAST): Getting Your Life Back Webinar

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Maureen Cavanaugh will introduce her newest project “Taking Back Your Life.” Taking Back Your Life is a family-focused intervention designed to define and increase fluency in the language of recovery. If you are a parent, sibling, a member of the extended family or even a professional working in a setting with individuals going through substance use disorder, learning the steps to care for yourself is essential if want to be a healthy, empathetic and effective supporter to your loved one, patient or student.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what “recovery” and “recovery capital” are. Understand the multiple pathways that are available to treat the disease of addiction.
  • Learn what the “Stages of Change” are and how they are necessary to the recovery process.
  • Understand the power of stigma and how blame and shame hinder recovery. Learn how to create strategies conducive to your own mental and physical health.


Family-Focused Addiction Support Training, FFAST, addiction, substance use disorder, opioid addiction, opioid use disorder, recovery, family disease, help for families with addiction

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