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Individualized Treatment and Understanding the Non-Pharmacologic Components that are Recovery Webinar

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Learn about the non-pharmacologic components of recovery. When developing individualized treatment plans, what factors are considered? The Medical Director and the Director of Quality and Compliance for Washburn House, a new treatment facility in Worcester, Massachusetts, will share their stories of starting a new treatment facility, and the challenges of putting evidence-based practices into practical use.

Learning Objectives: Individualized Treatment and Understanding the non-pharmacologic Components that are Part of Recovery

  • Understand the rationale and treatment options for managed withdrawal of a patient with opioid use disorder
  • Understand the rationale and treatment options for Medication Assisted Treatment in a patient with opioid use disorder
  • Understand the non-pharmacologic components that are part of recovery


sustance use disorder, addiction, individualized treatment, comorbid conditions, mental illness, mental health, opioid use disorder, non-pharmacologic components, recovery, medication assisted treatment

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Part of a series of webinars on topics related to substance use disorders.



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