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There are plenty of new and emerging technologies that are revolutionizing the health sciences. These webinars explore the applications of reality technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, multi-reality, mixed reality, and more! From hands-on training, to human simulation software, there is a lot for us to learn about health and technology.

Join us for an exploration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, with special attention given to their significance in the health sciences. Also learn how you can start and fund your own AR or VR health sciences project with NNLM Technology funding opportunities. This webinar is appropriate for everyone, regardless of how much you know about augmented or virtual reality.

Speakers include:

Zeb Mathews – University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Corina Bustillos – Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Allison Herrera – University of Massachusetts Medical School
Marilyn Gugliucci - University of New England

AR and VR - Introduction & Overview
Augmented Reality & Health
Virtual Reality & Health
Technology Funding Opportunities
University of New England VR Project


augmented reality, virtual reality, health sciences

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Mathews presentation (PowerPoint)

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Bustillos presentation (PowerPoint)

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Herrera presentation (PowerPoint)

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Gugliucci presentation (PowerPoint)



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