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NN/LM NER Health Literacy and Healthy Communities, Communities of Interests

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The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region, created Communities of Interests (COIs) for our network members to come together to learn more about health literacy and be a part of cultivating healthy communities. Each Community of Interest offers an e-newsletter and hosts webinars with presentations by experts in health literacy and creating healthy communities. Topics for programs this year included: 10 Easy Ways You Can Contribute to Health Literacy; How to Contribute to Community Benefit at Your Hospital; a Train-the-Trainer; Clever Evaluation; and a program day on Health Information Equity. Each COI conducted needs assessment at the beginning of the year. An assessment will be conducted at the end of the first year to identify: knowledge gained; how the new information was put into action; and new educational needs. NN/LM NER Community of Interests create a powerful way to bring librarians together who are interested to increase health literacy and contribute to healthy communities.


Health literacy, healthy communities, communities of interest, health information equity, health information outreach

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