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Knowledge is the foundation of our work as librarians; however, because it is intangible, we work directly with assets that result from knowledge. Content, people, and technology are the core knowledge assets. Knowledge assets are referenced throughout the HKSC Field Guide where we define a path to delivering knowledge services.

Delivering the best content is achieved through the innovation and competencies of library professionals who leverage technologies to benefit their constituents. The result is excellent knowledge services. This field guide is organized in chapters that are aligned with modules of the HKSC Model Template.

The HKSC Field Guide is laid out in a linear progression of activities, with simple commentary to encourage the reader’s thinking toward eventual outcomes and changes that are required to make a transition from a library setting to a Healthcare Knowledge Services Center (HKSC) operation. It is expected that the successful manager will make several passes through the entire guide, gaining a better understanding of all the pieces that must be in place for a strategic and successful plan.

Each module/chapter provides descriptions to explain the module theme and to share ideas on how to proceed with the process. Following descriptions and guidance is a worksheet for taking notes and a checklist of tasks. The intent of each worksheet is to focus on a specific data collection, a strategic planning activity, and/or to note details describing required resources. Chapters conclude with a checklist for you to sign off on for tasks considered and/or completed. Some forms may not be completed until multiple passes have been made through the guide; managers are encouraged to refine and hone activities in fine-tuning their work. A separate document (in MS Word format) supplies both worksheets and checklists for you to edit electronically –or- to create separate editable documents in modular fashion.


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HKSC Field Guide for Developing a Healthcare Knowledge Services Center

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