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Synthesis of enzymes functional in the synthesis of nucleotide precursors of peptidoglycan ceases upon initiation of sporulation in Bacillus sphaericus. During sporulation, two periods of synthesis of these enzymes occur. The first starts at spore septum formation and is conincident with forespore engulfment; it involves the synthesis of those enzymes required for making the precursor of vegetative-type peptidoglycan, including L-lysyl ligase but no mesodiaminopimelyl ligase. The second period occurs shortly before the appearance of cortex. It involves the synthesis of diaminopimelyl ligase and the other enzymes needed for making the precursor of cortical peptidoglycan, but not lysyl ligase. Both events are a consequence of derepression at the level of transcription. Neither period of synthesis occurs in asporogenous mutants whose morphological block is at the point of spore septum formation.

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