MaPS Research Data


This collection showcases research data generated by University of Massachusetts Medical School faculty and researchers in the Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems.


Publications from 2015


Data from: A Higher Activation Threshold of Memory CD8+ T Cells Has a Fitness Cost That Is Modified by TCR Affinity during Tuberculosis, Stephen M. Carpenter, Claudio Nunes-Alves, Matthew G. Booty, Sing Sing Way, and Samuel M. Behar


Data from: Human and Murine Clonal CD8+ T Cell Expansions Arise during Tuberculosis Because of TCR Selection, Claudio Nunes-Alves, Matthew G. Booty, Stephen Carpenter, Alissa C. Rothchild, Constance J. Martin, Danielle Desjardins, Katherine Steblenko, Henrik Kloverpris, Rajhmun Madansein, Duran Ramsuran, Alasdair Leslie, Margarida Correia-Neves, and Samuel M. Behar

Publications from 2007


Data from: PTC124 Targets Genetic Disorders Caused by Nonsense Mutations, Allan Jacobson, Phyllis Spatrick, and Feng He